Flint Design Company


Growing from a regional institution to a national brand doesn’t happen overnight—after nearly two decades working with Tillamook, we saw that firsthand. To capture the beloved dairy co-op’s 100+ year history for customers on a different coast, we knew everything we helped create would need to stay true to its roots.

With a new, top-level conceptual master design in hand, we partnered and coordinated with Tillamook’s constellation of agencies to bring the brand to life. After unpacking every element of their packaging—content, color, typography, imagery, materials, hierarchy of informationwe helped bring cohesiveness across six different dairy categories, applied to everything from ice cream cartons to cheese shrink-film.

The result: A thorough design system that helped bring the brand from concept to reality, with simple and bold cues to make each of their more than 450 products feel special, yet clearly a part of Tillamook’s story.