Flint Design Company

Résonance Vineyard

Some years ago, Maison Louis Jadot, a well known and respected wine brand in Burgundy, France, began exploring Oregon as a place to make extraordinary wine from the same grape variety grown in Burgundy – Pinot Noir. They sought a vineyard that embodied the character of Oregon through rich history and expressive soil, which they found in the hills outside of Carlton on a beautiful property planted over 30 years ago. 

We wanted to create a brand that expressed how the land spoke to the people behind Résonance. We used the iconic fir trees of the region to root the design in a sense of place while subtly alluding to the image of a sound wave – capturing “resonance.”  Deep colors are indicative of the grape varieties and the rich mineral soil they are grown in.

The result: A contemporary brand presentation that has energy, paired with a logo that feels classic and stalwart. The best of the old and new worlds together.

Photography by Andrea Johnson and Carolyn Wells Kramer