Flint Design Company

Ponzi Vineyards

Family heritage, a strong work ethic and an attention to detail, quality and nature has driven the Ponzi family for over 45 years. We first met them in 1986 and began helping them to establish the first Oregon wine brand to emerge in the luxury wine market world-wide. Our role in designing for the Ponzi’s has been to help them build their legacy, stay relevant and engage the next generation wine drinker with their beautiful products.

Dick and Nancy Ponzi came to Oregon in the mid 1960’s, planted their small vineyard and built a home, winery and wine press from hand. They raised three children in the wine business and two have taken the helm to run the company today as winemaker and general manager.  Their story, along with their Italian family heritage, are the roots of the brand identity.

The result: A brand that expresses family legacy and elegance and works to position the brand and one of the finest producers of Pinot noir in the World. By creating distinctive wine tier packages, reflecting a range of prices for different experiences and audiences, we increased sales for the company very quickly. The variety supports their direct sales program as well, giving loyal buyers something special as they get more engaged with the brand.   Most importantly though, the brand design supports an ongoing marketing strategy that has made the Ponzi Vineyards name synonymous with the best Oregon wines.