Flint Design Company

Magics Beach Grill

The best beaches stay with you, long after you leave. Kona’s Magic Sands Beach is beloved by locals as one of the best spots on the island to slow down, relax, and play in the Pacific. The sand here is ephemeral, disappearing on the tide for a few short weeks and then returning to create a pristine white sand beach you want to feel beneath your feet. Turning this experience and place into a brand identity for Magics Beach Grill was our challenge and sets the tone for the design, easy going and special at the same time.

We found inspiration in our favorite surf brands’ ability to capture the spirit of the beach, the lure of waves and the amazing places you find them both. Our aspiration was to help this new restaurant’s brand effortlessly match the experience you feel when connecting with the power of nature and the free spirit of those that surf. Can a restaurant’s identity and experience be like a surf brand? We thought yes, it can. Especially, because the owners and the chef are so deeply committed to utilizing Hawaiian grown and caught ingredients, plated up with such flair and creativity that you find yourself feeling awestruck.

The result: A hand-drawn symbol of the magic found on the big island, with images and typography that reflect the lifestyle and versatility of vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients from island farmers, producers, and fishermen