Flint Design Company

Kona Spiked Island Seltzer

To break out in a crowded category, start with what’s true. When Kona Brewing Co. wanted its new Spiked Island Seltzer to connect emotionally like its Beer packaging with a distinct look of its own, we knew pursuing what’s authentic to Kona (as a brand and an island) would be more powerful than following the pack.

As Kona’s brand design team, we’re always discovering new ways to bring the islands to life in a meaningful way. Inspired by vibrant fruits, flowers, and plants found only in Hawaii, we saw Kona Seltzer as a sensory experience that evokes escapism and place—while avoiding over-the-top cultural caricatures.

The result: Tiki cocktail chic—not kitsch—with rich colors that leap forward in a category dominated by light-colored designs. The tropical palm fronds, monstera leaves, fruits, and florals communicate the essence of the brand and unique experience of being whisked to an island paradise.