Flint Design Company

Kona Brewers Festival

Nothing brings people together like a party—especially one with good beer and a great cause. To turn Kona’s 25-year-old annual fundraiser for protecting the island’s fragile environment and local culture into a brand identity that could help cultivate sponsors all year long, we looked to place that’s as essential to Hawaii as the volcanic rock that built it.

Inspired by The Big Island’s flowing lava and the cultural reverence for the birth place of Hawaii, we couldn’t help but look to the volcano—as a symbol of the festival, a powerful sign of how precious life can be, and a lasting reminder of how the environment should always be respected.

The result: A bold symbol of life and energy unique to the Big Island. But the festival’s biggest success is that it’s been embraced by a community seeking to create connection, work together, protect their home—and have a little fun doing it.