Flint Design Company

Adelsheim Vineyard

A wine label can only hold so much. To rebrand Adelsheim—the 40-year-old Willamette Valley institution—we knew we’d need a canvas much larger.

We dug into stories of how the family connected with the land and the people so critical to the process and tasted their exceptional wines which reflect this rich history and embrace state-of-the-art techniques. It was essential to focus on particular facets of the brand story; their northern Willamette Valley location, their family and friends who left an indelible mark, a single vineyard’s soil character or the winemaker’s art of selecting just the right blend to take something from ordinary to the extraordinary.

The result: The original hand-drawn images that illustrate the artistry of each wine, were freshly brought to the redesigned labels. The new wine tiers were developed to complement the artistic expression of the legacy wines. We refined the logotype and created a unique tier system to help sales bring something special to each buyer. These big and small design details emphasize the values of Adelsheim: people and place matter, leaving their signature on the wine.