Flint Design Company


We create lasting brand identities that have strength, momentum and room to grow for years. For that work to be successful, it must be true to who you are. So we begin every working relationship by getting to know you in the deepest, best way we know: through conversation. Before we design anything, we need to understand who we’re working with and what they’re trying to accomplish. We want to learn everything about your business and your vision, because our work lives beyond logos and packaging.


Your brand and story are unique—or they should be. Being able to showcase that difference is what makes your brand compelling. So, in addition to learning all about you, we research your industry, your brand’s reason for being, and your competitors. We ask questions. We listen. We challenge. We learn the complexities of your vision, and use that insight to better understand and express your unique story.


Brand stories come to life when they connect with audiences. Choosing the right visual elements and language requires a conceptual plan. So we take what we’ve learned through conversation and discovery work and form a cohesive brand strategy and creative direction. This thinking acts as the filter for ideas and a beacon to drive toward when making brand decisions.


Once we’ve established the direction for your brand, it’s time to bring your visual story to life. We start with conceptual thinking and your company needs, and look for inspiration in the strongest elements of your foundational backstory. We then instill character into our designs to create the spark your brand needs to stand out, through details that resonate, delight, and reflect what makes your story unique.


Beautiful design falls flat without crisp execution, and for us that starts at the project’s beginning. Because of our 25 years of design expertise and manufacturing knowledge, we see how design must work from inception through launch. We know how it must function in experiences from packaging to the web to trade shows—and we understand the production process it must go through to get to the finish line.