Flint Design Company

Résonance Vineyard

Louis Jadot is one of the most respected wine brands in Burgundy, France, making wine and managing vineyards since 1859.  Some years ago, their friends from Burgundy began nudging them to explore Oregon and a place to make extraordinary wines from the same grape variety grown in Burgundy, Pino noir.  Happily, they found a vineyard in Oregon, planted over 30 years ago by Kevin and Carla Chambers that yields wines which express the character of Oregon and the soil of the hills outside of Carlton. The vineyard’s name is Résonance. Also happily, the name is just the same in their native language as in English, but with a French accent.

Stories of place can be very layered and we loved the opportunity design a label that included the iconic fir trees that line slopes of vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We felt this image conveyed the meaning of resonance as the misty forest is layered back into the distance.  This is Oregon and our particular vista. The label also connects to how the vineyard and land “speaks” to the owners and winemakers. They explained to us that Résonance wines express Somewhereness (a phrase coined by their friend, wine writer, Matt Kramer). This idea encompasses the grape variety and the soil it is grown in, to the microclimate it lives in and to the people that tend to it as only they can in this special place.  It is simple and poetic and we found it so inspiring.

The result: A contemporary label and package, that seems to vibrate and move, paired with a brand logo that feels classic and stalwart. The best of the old and new worlds together.